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    mp4 video does not play well

    anjemalo Level 1


      Is there a way to get the mp4 video play smooth from the beginning in Director?

      I mean, always when I play the video at the beginning, the video stop for a second and the continue without problem, How can I reproduce well when the video begins?

      thank you very much

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          rduane Level 1

          Well, I don't honestly know, but since no one else responded yet, I could at least make a couple suggestions.  When you imported, did you import as "MP4 Media"?  Did you try importing as "QuickTime" instead?  Is that an option?  Is that better?  Did you select "DTS" (for Direct to Stage)?  Does that help?  I was going to suggest trying to have the movie paused at first, and then start it yourself using lingo after you give it a couple frames to "settle down".  I've done that before with QuickTime videos.  And though I did find the pausedAtStart for MP4 videos (you have to use list view mode in the property inspector), I couldn't get it to then start again.