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    Issues with INDD CC


          I've been a user since the very beginning and a huge fan of Adobe products. I've just upgraded from the suite to the cloud a few days ago and am disappointed in a couple things that don't appear to be getting addressed...

          I work on magazines among other things and have relied on exporting to pdf a range of pages for years! Now there's all this alternate layout biz which is fine but I don't see why we can't have both!? This is a pretty big deal to me

         On a couple of documents (new to CC, not saved in previous versions) I've lost my ability to save, save as or undo. One workaround I read is to export as IDML and re-open and that worked, I was able to save and then 15 min later, again no save! This is a fundamental need. In my days working for software companies (yes, two of them) we wouldn't have released a product that intermitantly lost the save button!


      HELP Adobe! Don't let us down!