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    Skip Logic not Logical (see images)


      The first image is showing how the conditional logic is set up for a question on my form. Basically, if "Very likely" or "Somewhat likely" is selected, the conditional question - "Why are you unsure..." - is not displayed. However, if "Unsure" or "Not likely" is selected in the first question, then the 2nd question is displayed.


      I do have the "Based on your experience..." question set as required. But the conditional question is not required (See second image below. There is an asterik by the 1st question, but there is no asterik by the 2nd question.). While I do want to force the user to answer the first question, I do NOT want to force the user to answer the second question, even if it does display based upon the previous answer. Is this a bug, a useability feature deficiency, or am I doing something wrong? Please advise. Thanks.