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    CS6 is running out of memory and Purge memory doesn't work


      I reinstalled Adobe suite and got same issue as i used to have before. RAM fills up and then i get this message, even if i don't do anything and all and just leave AE runing with some project open. When i try to purge memory it works a little bit in very begining , but after 2-4 mins when RAM fills up to 70% - it doesn't purge anything any more and 3-4 mins later i get that message of cause. I used to have this issue and had to reinstall everything and this time i reinstalled it all again for different reasons, updated everything on ADobe and i start to get this error from very start of using AE. i have been in secret menu etc - and changed seetings , so i can atleat render projects, but it is very frastrating that i cant work on any project more then 10 mins, because of this issue. Looking at internet i can see that this is ongoing issue that needs fixing and it looks that last patch didn't fix it all.

      Can you advise me on anything else that can be done without reinstalling everything again ???


      I run Core I5 3570 K

      32 Gb of RAM

      Inno3D GTX 650 Ti