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    Top half of .wmv clips in my project are cut off. Wasn't like this before. Whats going on?

    TonyWG123 Level 1



      I've was working on a promotional video for a company for a few weeks, but I had to put it on the back burner for a while to help them with their poster graphics for a trade show. I have now gone back to the video, only to discover that the top half of all of the .wmv 480p clip I was using are cut off. I'm using some old video that they took a few years back on a standard definition camera, and stretching it by 225% to fit in my 1080p composition, as well as some avchd video they have shot with the new camera. I'm only having this problem with the .wmv files. The .avchd files are playing fine. Things that I've checked:


      The video is not wierdly positioned in the composition.

      The video is not covered by some black rectangle I'm not seeing. I've dragged some avchd file onto the track and they are displaying fine.

      I tried dragging the clip from the file explorer into the project but it still imports with the top half missing.

      I tried rendering out my video and the top half is still missing.



      This is really puzzling because the video was editing and rendering out fine. Couple weeks pass and now I have this stupid problem.


      Any ideas? Thanks.