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    Small PDFs from large format layouts in ID6

    Mike Fernbank Level 1

      As an exhibition designer I'm always working with large files, sometimes as large as 30 feet by 10 feet. I generally print these files out on 11x17 paper to send around to my collegues. Often, however, I want to send them a PDF to review. Even when exported in Smallest File Size my files are huge because IDCS6 is still using a giant file. I think file that is sent to the printer—at 11x17—would be perfect, but, for some bizarre reason, ID does not allow creating PDFs from the print dialog. I don't know why this feature is disabled, but I think it would solve my problem. As it is I can't even experiment with it. I'm often sending very large bitmaps files, so Acrobat doesn't do anything either with an exported pdf. What I've been doing is making screen shots of the images and sending those out from Bridge. That's just a little ham-handed. Any ideas?





      Mac 10.8.something or other