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    HTM topics mysteriously missing from compiled WebHelp using RH 10


      My tech writing team is having problems with htm topics falling out of our WebHelp.


      We are using RoboHelp HTML version 10. We also upgraded to Windows 7 prior to the RH upgrade (both sometime in June I think).


      We have been using our new versions for a while but only noticed the current problem in our last few builds. Basically, we make changes to several htm files in our project, generate a WebHelp build, and find out that one of those htm topics was not compiled. It's not showing up in the folder where we place our output (WebHelpGenerated), and it's also not listed in the topics that was updated in the Output pod within RoboHelp. This problem has occurred with two different projects with two authors on two separate local machines; however, it happens at random (i.e., I cannot follow the steps I just gave you to reproduce the problem; it just happens when it happens).


      In some cases, we see a duplicate file created. For instance, if we had an original file named Test.htm, a duplicate file would be created named Test~.htm. We thought perhaps the two issues were related, but it's not consistent.


      Also, in some cases, we used the preview feature to proof our topic, but again, that has not always been the case.


      We do not believe this has anything to do with our process of getting Help into the company's software products because the file is missing directly after we build before we move the files to our version control depository where the developers pull the Help.


      So, we're at a loss as to why this would be happening. So far, the missing htm file is something we just edited so we are proofing our changes again in the output to be sure we catch them. However, we're not checking every single file (i.e., we could be overlooking some that are missing).


      Usually, we can simply generate the output again, and the missing file gets picked up and compiled on the 2nd try. However, that was not the case today. It's worrisome because we have no idea when it will happen or how to prevent it. At least up until now, we had a way to fix it, but it doesn't look like generating again will even be a consistent temporary solution.


      Any ideas?



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I note that this question is the same one asked in the thread linked below:

          Click here to view


          I also see that the email address is for the same company, so it would seem this is a second thread about the same issue basically from the same person, no? Please don't do that. It causes the forums to become a disorganized mess and we end up with multiple people chasing the same issue and it ends up wasting everyone's time.


          Cheers... Rick

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            RuWriter Level 1

            I apologize. I did not mean to post twice. I reread my message and found a typo and thought hitting the Edit link would allow me to fix it. Possibly that made it post twice, but it was definitely not intentional as I'm aware the rules ask us not to repeat posts!


            UPDATE: Sorry I missed the link to the duplicate post. I now realize that I did not post twice. I just missed someone else's post from earlier today that is asking about the same issue. I am RuWriter, and I don't think my post mentions my company name at all. The other question was posted by shhimwriting. I appended additional comments to that thread, so hopefully we can get some answers over there.