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    Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition Reverts to Express Tracks

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      Did your SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition revert to the Express Tracks version, after you installed Premiere Elements 11? If so, read on.



      First, a bit of history. SmartSound has been included in PrE for many versions, and available for free in some other editing programs, like Premiere Pro, Pinnacle Studio and a few others. For more general information on SmartSound, see this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4912568#4912568. Back then, there were two totally different SmartSound programs, the free QuickTracks plug-in, and a stand-alone music editing program, Sonicfire Pro, which was not free. A few years ago (about the release of PrPro CS 4), Sonicfire Pro was reworked into two versions: Sonicfire Pro 5 Express Tracks, which is free, and replaced the older QuickTracks Plug-in, and Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition, which is not free but offers a lot more power, and especially with SmartSound Multi-Track music libraries. Sonicfire Pro (both versions) were ported for PrPro, PrE, After Effects, AVID, Pinnacle Studio and FCP. Sonicfire Pro 5 Express Tracks is now the SmartSound option for PrE, and can be installed from the PrE download, or the physical media discs.



      I had Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition (the paid version with more power) on my laptop, and it was updated. I installed PrE 11, and the Sonicfire Pro 5 program, plus the included SmartSound music included. I went to use my Scoring Edition, only to find that it had reverted to the Express Tracks version - all of that extra editing power was gone.



      With a pointer from the SmartSound Support Team (always quick and great), I just went to my Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition information and got my S/N (I have two, as I use Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition on two computers, because I like it so much), plugged that back into the now blank S/N box, and got Scoring Edition back.



      If this happens to you, it is because, with the installation of PrE 11, that existing S/N has been cleaned out. A simple fix, but one that you should be aware of to get Scoring Edition back and functioning.


      Hope that this helps.