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    Re: Is InDesign CS5 Compatible With Latest Apple OS?

    terminallyconfused Level 1

      I am currently licensed to use my copy of InDesign CS5 on my iMac and my MacBook. I'm thinking about replacing my MacBook with a new laptop from Apple to take advantage of our state's tax holiday this coming weekend. I would, of course, want to migrate InDesign from my old laptop to my new one. My current MacBook is over three years old and runs on OS 10.6.8. My question is, if I buy a new Apple laptop with the very latest operating software, would InDesign CS5 still work with such an advanced OS? Is there any danger of me losing access to the files I've already created? Would I have to upgrade InDesign to CS6? Does Adobe even offer upgrades now that they have introduced the Creative Cloud? Thanks in advance.