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      how could i change la language in after affects cc

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          Mylenium MVP

          Set the language prefs in the Creative Cloud app, let it install in the respective language.



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            I installed some programs, and then I saw that I received the installation in my native language. I want it in English. Is there a way I can change it now? De-install, and then re-install? Where in the CC app do I set language prefs? I cannot see where this can be done.

            Kind regards, Anne

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              Mylenium MVP

              Check the options under the cogwheel in teh top right corner...



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                Sumit Singh Adobe Employee

                Please refer the screenshot on "How to language of Creative Cloud Applications"

                • Go to Preferences
                • Click on "Apps" tab
                • Click on the drop down for "App Language"
                • Select "English" or desire language