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    starglow presets

    Arrakis Level 1

      Does anyone know is there meant to be presets with trapcode starglow?  From everything Ive read online the answer is yes but I dont appear to have them. Ive tried refreshing effects and presets and I have animation presets showing in the effect control panel but nothing. I had a look inside the AE CS6 preset folder and no starglow presets there.  Anyone can advise please?


      I know this is a red giant thing but the only option you have with them is to makr a ticket then wait for a bout 3 days. I need them now so Im checking if anyone here might know what to do.  Cheers.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There was a thread a little while ago that talked about missing animation presets in the effects panel. A search in the Ask A question field on this forum's landing page brings up this thread: "Missing Animation Presets in the Drop Down List. Read that and you should have the information that you need. Sorry, It's not an easy fix at this time.


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          It's amazing what you can find on this forum when you do a search. If you have further questions please let us know and we will try and help.

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            Arrakis Level 1

            Thanks for the link but Ive taken all the steps already  and they dont appear to installed anywhere.  I would like to check with someone who specifically has starglow on a mac about where they should be installed if they even in fact exist.