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    Why is Flash so far behind competing 2D animation software companies technology?

    Jackimo Calvetti Level 1

      I've been using Flash to make animations since I was a kid and am surprised at how little the drawing tools and animation related tools have changed. The biggest addition to the Flash animation tool kit has been the bone tool and frankly it's pretty limited compared to ToonBoom's puppet rigging tools. Also seeing as you have software such as TVPaint out there that support pixel based images yet is still a highly efficient animation software, surely Photoshop's animation potential could be integrated with Flashes' convenient timeline structure and efficient drawing tools. Or maybe Flash could support Pixels and Vectors, like the open source 2D Animation software Pencil. The sad thing is Flash was once the only good digital 2D animation software around and now seems to be becoming redundant. Or maybe the developers don't think Adobe customers still use Flash for animation? I have a brand new 24HD Cintiq that doesn't seem to work properly in Flash CC, a client who wants a sketchy pencil like animation produced and a serious lack of patience to animate it using Photoshop's clunky animation work flow. I'm curious to know if there are any other Adobe Flash users with similar problems?