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    Extension signing certificate issues

    MSSDedalus Level 1

      I'm having problems with my current certificate issuer (Globalsign) as they decided not to support developers any more and have to change to another company; this means my certificate can't be renewed.



      My knowledge about certificates is very limited, please can you help me?



      Extensions released with the old certificate can still be installed after it expires ? If, yes, will the user become a warning or something else ?



      Some users reported ( before the related certificate issue) that they got "invalid signature" warnings (mainly with CC) and they had to disable internet access in the extension manager to get it installed, this makes me think about the whole system.


      Is really a certificate needed ? Why not just allow us to input our contact details and let the user decide to trust or not?


      Just paying a yearly fee only to guarantee that our names appear at the installation seems not to be very reliable. May be Adobe can allow extension builder developers an easier way to sign our extensions.


      Btw, I assume I'm not the only one signing the extensions, right ?


      Thanks for any help.