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    Mappoint Web Service and Flex or Other Mapping Solution

      Alright, I am generally a .Net dev. But I have been given a new project which requires a mapping solution with a regional polygon overlay (no big deal with all the stuff out there). The main problem I am running into, is it needs to be printable. I started with the Yahoo Maps Flex API AS3 Wrapper, but then found that it does not currently support custom overlays (correct?). Google Maps is not allowed (clients-partners etc...). Virtual Earth does not allow for printing in anything but IE, and its sketchy their as well. What I am now looking at is flex3 consuming the Mappoint webservices to render what I need/handle all the events, plus the wonderful printing capabilites of flex. To tell the truth, other than dumb components, I have not yet built a full featured flex app. Has anyone had any experience with the mappoint API and/or rendering the images passed back from this api?

      Any suggestions otherwise? Thanks all!