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    Can you embed a Prezi into RH8 WebHelp?


      Hi folks,


      We use RoboHelp 8 and generate WebHelp (primary layout) as our output. We wanted to put together to 'how to video' for our users that we could embed in the Help to provide highlights of our Help, how to navigate, search etc.


      We had initially planned to use Captivate and embed a swf file.


      In the interim, I've seen great results using Prezi for similar initiatives. Would love to use Prezi for this and embed a file in a similar way as you would a Captivate but is this doable? Does RoboHelp 8 support the use of embedded pez files?


      Has anyone completed anything similar? Any workarounds if RH8 does not support pez files?


      Many thanks for your help.

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5



          You can embed Prezi files using the Embed feature of Prezi. Save the presentation in your libray, open it and select Embed. This will give some HTML code. Paste this code in the topic to embed the presentation using the HTML view. Search for embedding in Prezi's help. They have some articles on embedding.


          Embedding is only partly the responsibility of RoboHelp. Browsers cannot read prezi files, so you can't embed the presentation files directly in either RoboHelp or any website.





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            Concc Level 1

            Hi Willam,


            Many thanks for your feedback, I'll definetly look into this option.


            Another workaround might be to convert the Prezi to a video file format that RH supports. Looks to be lots of info on converting Prezis to video in their user forums.


            Many thanks again.