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    Problem with Premiere Pro CC - destroyed clips after re-opening a project


      Hey there,


      I´m currently experiencing a big issue that is costing me tons of time. I can work just fine on my project, until I close it. After re-opening the project, all the clips within my sequence start over at every cut I´ve made. That means, I dont have a continious video anymore, and my whole project is destroyed. I cant seem to repair it either, and so far, had to start over.

      Note: this only happens once I close and re-open the project. So, something must be going wrong while closing the project.


      Here are the facts that might be of relevance:



      I´m using:

      - .mov videofiles ( filmed with NTSC / ALL-I 30 fps, 1920x1080 )

      - .wav audiofile

      - pluraleyes 3 for syncing



      - sequences in the project are set on 1920x1080p but on 25fps.

      - I´ve been working on an internal SSD


      what I have already tried:


      - "reconnect" the source files by saving them in a different location
      - working on a different PC
      - try backup files and autosaves ( they look all the same, dont ask me why )





      Everything works perfectly fine besides that issue. I haven´t found any reasonable help on that matter while searching trough the web, so I´m coming to you.
      I´m hoping to find a solution for this problem, as its preventing me from making any progress. Please let me know if you need more information about the project and/or the issue.
      Thanks in advance!