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    Loaded Cursor Failing to Place Text

    Nalani Jones

      I've created a new document in InDesign (CS6) with the correct number of pages, and have text frames linked to flow from page 1 through page 96. I can load my cursor with text from a Word document, and have my import settings the way I need them. When I click in the text frame on page 1 with a loaded cursor, holding down the 'alt' key, the text fails to appear, and an error message reads that my text is overlayed improperly in all 96 frames.


      I create my text frames and set them to autoflow. I use File > Place > [my document], scroll to the corner of my text frame, hold down the 'alt' key, and click, and nothing happens. I need my text to flow automatically without changing the number of pages in my InDesign document. I don't mind having to create styles in InDesign to format, but I need all the text to appear without having to link frames manually – which I thought was taken care of when I automatically linked my frames. I have tried using a .docx and a .doc files to load my cursor, and the same problem occurs regardless of the file type.


      Tutorials keep taking me a step backwards – each one creates a new step for me to learn, only to end up in the same place I've been arriving at all this time. I have the basic presets as I want them, but I haven't been able to determine if something in my settings is preventing the text from appearing when I place it.