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    Possible Windows Media Center Conflict When Viewing .FLV FIles


      I am running IE10 on Win7 and just downloaded Flashplayer 11.8.800

      I verified the download via the Manage Add-ons list in IE10 and saw that Shockwave Flash Object is available.

      I also verified that FP ActiveX - with the correct install date - is among the populated programs in my Uninstall list of the Control Panel.


      However, in my WIN7 Default Programs details all .flv files are associated with Windows Media Center and when I try to change that association there does not appear to be a way to link the .flv files to the Flash Player

      or a way to disassocaite the .flv files from Windows Media Center.


      With the setup the way it is now, when I download a .flv file and try to run it,

      Windows Media Center tries to run it and gives me an error that the file type or the codex that created compression may not be supported.


      How do I get the .flv files to run?