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    Flash CC Extensions Possible?


      I have a few existing Flash CS6 extensions that I need to get running under Flash CC.  I updated to Extension Builder 2.1 only to find that Flash CC is not listed as a Target application when you create a new project.  I tried launching the extension into Flash CC anyway, and got an alert "Unable to launch into Flash Pro CC.  Launching into Flash Pro CS6".  I then tried installing from a zxp via Extension Manager CC (by setting the extensions host version to [12.0,13.9]).  The extension installed successfully, but on launching Flash CC, Window->Extensions says "No extensions are installed".  I verified that the extension file was in the correct system folder.  Lastly, I followed the Adobe Exchange link from the welcome screen of Flash CC and tried installing a few random extensions from there, with no luck.  FYI - I tried all of this (and more) with the default Flash extension template by creating a new project to ensure my plugin wasn't to blame.


      So, it looks like Flash CC is not compatible with extensions at the moment.  Can anyone verify that?  If so, is there an eta? 


      I can keep using CS6, but these extensions are critical to my business.  When I need to bring on a new employee, I have no easy way to get a new copy of Flash CS6, which is a big problem.


      Thanks for your help.