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    jagguy99 Level 1
      i am not getting this to work with actionscript. i place form elements inside it and then i cant move them and 2 instances of the components sometimes appear.

      I get no scrolbars either.

      I checked the live docs and it doesnt do what i want and is no help.
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          jagguy99 Level 1
          How do i add form components to a scrollpane? i am told to set the symbol to export after i drag to library.I get 1 object (not 2 as below) in scrollpane and a duplicate object at 0,0 on the form. I drag a component into the library and set it for export to actionscript.
          I cant change the forms properties at runtime, its placement or label of any component?

          this.attachMovie("butt4","butt4",this.getNextHighe stDepth());
          this.attachMovie("chk2","chk2",this.getNextHighest Depth());


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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            you have a number of problems.

            first, you want to add more than one object to your scrollpane, correct? if so, you must use a work-around:

            create an empty movieclip and add it to your library with a linkage id, say emptyMCID. assign your scrollpane's contentPath to be that linkage id.

            you can now use your scrollpane's spContentHolder property to attach whatever you want from your library (including components) - again using their linkage id's - and/or create target movieclips to load external assets into your scrollpane.