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    Re importing files to AE problem


      I followed the help instructions to re-import files to an AE project, but I had one problem. Certain files don't appear in my timeline, they are unviewable, and they have a different name and icon next to them. I'll provide a screen shot to show you what I mean.


      Let me also explain the process of how I imported them. There's three things you should know first.


      1. the files are in multiple folders, and those folders are within other folders.


      2. The files I'm importing are .jpg files.


      3. I'm using a mac with After Effects CC


      So what I did first after it told me I was missing 210 files, was double click on the first missing file. It prompted me to choose the file in my finder, just like the help said. I double clicked the first file I wanted to replace. It then said that 48 files were recovered. I thought this was great, and repeated the same process for each of the other folders. Everything worked perfectly, except the initial files I clicked on had become some other file type. I tried to replace them but it didn't work. They no longer appeared in the timeline either. so I managed to replace the vast majority of my files, but about 4 of them don't work. I'm posting a screen shot to show you the icon that appears next to them after I recovered them. I have no idea what these icons mean and I can't work with those images. Any idea how to get my original image back in there?


      Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.42.28 AM.jpg