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    VIRUS on upload attempt, see message below


      I keep getting a message to install the new flash player from Adobe. the screen looks like it is genuinely from Adobe but it says there was a v irus present and deletes it. I have received this message 3-4 times over the last month and the result is always the same. What do I do now?

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          Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee

          Pelase provide a screenshot of the message and some more information about the OS and browser.


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            bkeiter Level 1

            If I was a computer programmer, I would not need your help.


            I do not even understand your answer.


            I will seek help from elsewhere.


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              Mike M Level 6

              Wow, that's a really friendly answer for someone who ISN'T EVEN BEING PAID to help you...


              You DON'T NEED to be a computer programmer to provide a screen shot.

              Can you find the Ctrl and PrintScreen keys on your keyboard? I'd certainly hope so or else you have no business even using a computer.

              When one of these notices appears, you simply press Ctrl+PrintScreen and Windows will "capture" a shot of your entire screen, including the message.

              Then, you need to open an image editor, based on your response I seriously doubt you'd have Photoshop or GIMP or even know how to use either one if you did, so you'd need to open MSPaint.
              Once Paint is open, press Ctrl+N to open a new document. Windows will automatically select the right size based on the "capture" you just made.

              When the new file opens, press Ctrl+V to "paste" the capture into the document.

              Click File>Save as  and save the capture as a .jpg file. Save it to your desktop or your dosuments folder so you can find it again.


              Then, come back here and insert the capture into a reply usibg the little "camera" icon in the post toolbar.


              If you can't follow those simple instructions, you're not likely to find FREE help anywhere, but then that's why people go into the PC repair business, to soak people... who have no business on a computer... for tons of money fixing something that can be done with just a few clicks by any fourth grader.