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    Behaving erratically when mousing over the text

    clavin007 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a very strange problem. I am trying to do a simple photo-gallery using edge animate without using the timeline as much as possible.


      Let's say I have a thumbnail, and I want to mouse over the thumbnail and it goes semitransparent and a text pops up.


      Now, what I had done is I have gone to the compositionready and set the codes to sym.$("caption1_txt").hide(); to hide the text. Next, I have gone to the mouseOver and set the codes to





      }, 500



      to set the opacity to 20% for the thumbnail. And then I set the text caption to show like so :




      Conversely, I have gone to mouseOut and do the reverse as shown :





      }, 500





      The strange thing happens when I mouseover the text, it seems to flicker repetitively. May I know how to solve this? It seems the program is trying to execute an event for the text block but there is none. Is there a way to nullify or 'ignore' the mouseover effect for the text?


      Thanks, greatly appreciate!