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    Sliding titles moving backwards?


      Hi there,


      I'm a bit of an Adobe Premiere novice, and I can't seem to find another thread discussing this, but I'm genuinely puzzled by this, so would really appreciate some assistance.


      I want to have some very simple titles that slide in fast from the left-hand side of the screen, slow down their movement substantially until they can be read, and then slide off-screen to the right at a high speed. It's a technique I've seen quite a lot on films, although I have no idea if there's a name for it.


      What I did was to create a title with some simple, static text at the position where I want the slow left-to-right motion to begin. I then dragged it onto my timeline and extended the clip to before and after where I want the motion to happen. Next, I added a keyframe at the time where I want the slow-motion to start. I then added another keyframe a few seconds later, and adjust the position of the title at this keyframe so that it's positioned at the end-position of the slo-mo left-to-right movement. When I play this, all is good. The title appears, remains stationary until my first keyframe and then moves slowly and linearly to the position of my second keyframe, at which point it remains stationary until the clip ends.


      The problem occurs when I do the next step. I will add a new keyframe a second or two before the first one, and will change the position of the title such that it's off the left-hand side of the canvas. If I now hit play then it will slide in fast from the left (good), hit the second keyframe and now start sliding slowly to the right (good) and then just before it hits the third keyframe, it will reverse direction briefly before resuming its rightwards motion until it gets to the third keyframe position (bad) at which point it will remain stationary until the clip ends (as intended).


      Can anyone please explain this?