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    Dropbox PDF Preview - Whites not White


      Hello all,


      I've created an inDesign document which showcases many images with an object on a white background. All of the images have a true white background (both RGB and CMYK), and when I look at the inDesign document or the PDF I export to my computer, the images stay white. However, when I upload the PDF to Dropbox and you preview it on the website, some images (only on certain pages) no longer have a white background. It's all of the images on the page, including the Master Page template items. If you download the PDF from Dropbox, however, it's not a problem and all the images appear correctly. Any idea what the problem is? I can't figure out why it would only be on some pages, not all of them.


      Thanks in advance.


      PS - I'm using inDesign CS6, I've tried a ton of different export settings and none seem to make a difference. I'm open to trying whatever you suggest!