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    Moving From CS6 to Creative Cloud with Adobe Drive


      Currently, I support around 150 users with Adobe Creative Suite 6 who all use Adobe Drive to connect to our Adobe CQ Server. We have been told we need to Switch our CS6 Subscrition licenses to Creative Cloud soon...How will we continue to check in/out items and connect to the server without the support of Adobe Drive?


      When will Adobe begin developing Adobe Drive for Creative Cloud? We have many users who need to access a central repository containing all company data.

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          Laurel Zimmer Adobe Employee

          The upcoming release of Adobe Drive (to be released within the next few weeks) is designed to work with the supported Creative Cloud desktop applications. The supported CC applications (PS, AI, ID, BR & IC) are still installed directly on your computer. You will be able to continue checking in/out content from your Adobe CQ Server utilizing this new version of Adobe Drive.


          Overall, you might find the Adobe Creative Cloud - FAQ helpful: http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud/faq.html


          With regard to your question around the development of Adobe Drive for the Creative Cloud; are you referring to Drive compatibility with cloud based digital asset management systems? or? Feel free to contact me offline to discuss further: Laurel