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    I have re-installed PS CS4 and Bridge onto my new Macbook Pro, but I cannot open or edit RAW files?


      I just bought a new Macbook, and I tried transferring my Photoshop CS4 and Bridge to my new one via my external Hard Drive. It's worked in the past (I did it when transferring my desktop to my laptop), but this time, I am unable to open or edit RAW files. Bridge won't even allow me the option of "Camera Raw Settings" when going under "File".


      I've tried searching for answers to my questions through these forums, and the closest I have gotten is that I need to download the updated Camera Raw plug-in, and I can't find it. Also, I need to download the update to the DNG or something like that, which I did, and that still doesn't work. I've extracted and refiled my RAWs to DNG's, and they will still not open in either Bridge, nor Photoshop. So, now I'm feeling helpless and I'm getting very frustrated at this point.



      I shoot with a Canon 7d in RAW format. I've done this for years, and my computers have opened them with CS4 since I've had it.


      I appreciate any and all help, thank you!