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    3D models streaming

      I have a very important doubt about 3D in Director.

      1- Imagine I want to build a huge 3D world (like in Second Life). It may have a size of maybe 30 MB. I would like to stream the 3D world. For example, first I download one part and I can walk inside this part, but while I go forward, I would like to download the next models, so first I only need 1 MB, but after I download the rest dynamically and I can walk around of the world (no in separate member or world). May I do this?

      2- As a way of reducing the size ( MB ) of the world. Imagine I have a model about a "car". If I want any number of cars (dynamically), it would be great to duplicate with Lingo that cars. May I do this? How?

      I would really appreciate any help about this.

      Thanks a lot.
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          dsdsdsdsd Level 1
          yes and yes

          1 - the fundamental file is the .w3d format, in which you have your 3d models ( presuming that you are going to create your models in a 3d modeling software); not all 3d modeling softwares can export to the .w3d format; examples of some that can: Lightwave, Maya, 3dsMax, Cinema4d; so you would have some models in one.w3d and other models in two.w3d and in Director (shockwave) when your character has walk so far you would begin to download two.w3d; PROBLEM once two.w3d is downloaded there is a fair amount of processor-intensive work required to get the model from two.w3d into the_world.w3d ( although you may download many .w3ds, you can have only one world, so you have to 'copy/paste' newly delivered models into some primary .w3d; you do this with Lingo using the clone... methods);

          2 - do you know how in Flash you have a movieclip in the library and then you create instances of it on the stage? you likewise do this for your 3d models, where a movieclip is analagous to modelresource, and an instance is analogous to a model; once you have a modelresource you can make as many models from it as you wish, like in any class-based/OOP programming;

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            cubelan2 Level 1
            Thanks a lot.
            A great answer, exactly what I wanted to know.
            Now, it is left to study how to do all this, but at least I know that I'm in the good way and that what I want to do can be done.

            Thank you again.
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              _lw Level 1
              Here are some more infos about the streaming behavior of shockwave3d.
              (You have to scroll down a little bit...)

              The idea of walking around and load things when you get closer to them is only in theory a good idea. Watching the loading process from inside a 3D world is not very interesting. It is very annoying to stick in the scene for moments without beeing able to move when things are loaded into vram. The other thing is, you will need a lot of CPU to do all the collision detection and interactivity, but loading and processing data will need CPU too, so the whole thing will become unperformant while loading.

              It will be a better experience for the endusers, when you preload everything before they enter the world.
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                cubelan2 Level 1
                Thank you again.
                I'm trying to do that, but it doesn't work. I imagine I'm doing something wrong, but it seems very simple, so I don't undertand.
                I copy the code (a portion) I use, but the new model doesn't appear.