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    In Premiere Pro CS6, my project will not compile the movie with audio


      I am in the process of exporting a project, shot on a Canon T2i and audio recorded as dual system on a Tascam digital recorder. I've already gin to the trouble of syncing all the audio and video, so I am very frustrated by this problem. When I go to export any video format (Mov, h.264, etc) that includes audio, premiere gives me an error message saying unknown error, movie will not compile. If I uncheck "export audio" then the movie exports just fine, minus the sound of course. And if I try to export just the audio, it gives me the error message, EXCEPT when I export it as a WAV, in which case it will export the file, but the file has no sound or waveform whatsoever. I am very confused and cannot figure out what has gone wrong. Nor can I seem to find a similar question anywhere I have searched. Does anyone know what to do from here? Thanks in advance for the help.