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    Presenter not registering completion unless test is passed

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      I'm using Presenter 9 and have created a quiz that is set to register a pass/fail record based on achieving an 80% score.  The 'Status Representation' is set to Incomplete > Pass/Fail, 'Success/Completion Criteria' is set to 'Quiz is Passed'.  See attached for complete shot of all settings.  I've even created a final "thank you" slide at the end and set the "Continue" button on the test summary slide to go to that thank you slide, with the thought that this would communicate the status to the LMS.  Yet, the test WILL NOT show as 'failed' or even 'complete' unless the test is passed.  I'm publishing to our internal server, not an Adobe Connect server.  I've tried many different reporting configurations, in addition to the one described here and no luck.  I thought upgrading to Presenter 9 would alleviate some of the reporting/LMS interaction bugs, but no luck.  I really want to like Presenter, but I'm ready to give in after working on this issue for 5 hours!  PS - I'm using a SumTotal (legacy Softscape) LMS.


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

      Presenter Test.png