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    Bridge CS6: How do you write a script to assign a shortcut to "Batch" and "Image Processor"?

    Pacific 29 Level 1

      Many times a day I need to access "Batch" and "Image Processor" in Bridge.


      There is no shortcut, so I have to go the Tools-Photoshop-Batch and Tools-Photoshop-Image Processor menu - the items I need are locked into a second level menu.


      Which is impractical.



      I remember, when I started out with Photoshop many years ago, I downloaded "Deke Keyes" from Deke McClelland, which included keystrokes for "Batch" and "Image Processor".


      From the Bridge forum I learned that you cannot assign shortcuts in Bridge CS6.



      So the general opinon was that a script was used to assign the shortcuts.


      Could you please tell me how to do that?





      PS: I tried to assign shortcuts via the Mac OS X Mountain Lion keyboard preferences (applications), but it did not work.