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    cannot render anything in AE that has an effect

    J Michael (Johnson)

      On an unrelated, yet strangely related note.....I cannot render anything in AE that has an effect.
      It gives no error at all. In fact it claims to be rendering.
      I set it up, I go to export, I name it and give it a setting (I have tried almost every possible setting in 3 days) and hit render. It says "10:18;00 remaining" meaning 10 hours. So I left it. I came back ten hours later and it still says 10hours. It also says that it's only been 1hr45minutes, thinking this was strange I literally sat here for 15 minutes and watched it, it counts to 1:59:59 then starts over again at 1 hour and counts up. I have tried many settings. I have tried sending it to Media Encoder. Nothing has worked.

      I am using Mac OSX 10.8.4, 3.0Ghz Intel Core i7, 32gb ram, 750gb flash storage, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650: everything the latest greatest, including the so far much inferier Creative Cloud version of all the Adobe products. I really miss CS5.5