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    Panning slideshow


      Hi All,


      I am new to Premier Pro and have been asked to put together a slideshow for a friends wedding.


      Rather than having a slideshow that fades in or out between images my plan is to have the camera pan across different images zooming in and out of some. Effectively, the visual effect I am after is like the pictures are pinned up on a wall and the camera is browsing across them, zooming in on some selected ones. This would require some of the images to appear within the same frames as each other as the camera pans vertical or horizontal.


      I have had a look for some info on doing this kind of effect but all I can really find are tutorials on panning/zooming on an individual image before displaying the next image.


      I would just like to know if this is even possible to do within premiere pro for a novice who is prepared to sit and read or watch multiple tutorials or guides.