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    stopping movie at its _currentFrame when using onPress getURL _blank

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      Hi all I am trying to stop/pause my MC when I click on an image.

      on (press){
      getURL("image1.jpg", "_blank");

      But when my image loads into the new window and I go back to the main content window on where I clicked the movie has already started playing!

      These are my other on states

      on (rollOver){
      framevar = _currentframe;
      _root.attachMovie("clickhere", "clickhere_mc", 0, {_x:_xmouse, _y:_ymouse});

      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      _root.clickhere_mc._x = _xmouse ;
      _root.clickhere_mc._y = _ymouse ;

      on (rollOut){

      Any help would be great