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    Photoshop CC having issues with one PSD file (Download inside)

    TDRonline Level 1

      I'm running Windows Enterprise 7 X64, 8gb DDR3, 1TB WD Black. AMD AM3 965.


      Just a simple graphic I'm working on for my company... Nothing special.

      It has over 700+ layers/deminsions are 2560x1024. They layers are mostly Pushpins on a map (Graphic is a map).


      Now I was cruising along and finished part of the graphic, and saved the file to work on for another day. Today I opened the file  only to be hit with this huge lag trying to open. I figured it was my system so I did routine cleaning, and the works, but still had issues... Even when open it lags out photoshop. I even tried it on my other graphics station and at home, still lags.

      I work with 1gb files day in and day out, but this small 7mb file is a killer.


      I figured out a solution, basically I added a folder... That was it! Adding a folder fixed the lag.


      Here is the PSD without adding a folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kziuoi5nj9azb3n/20130725_ProgenyES_MappedClients.psd (Ignore the folder naming, I didn't get a chance to finish it)

      Download it, see for yourself.


      Also, the background looks pink, but its white... Not sure if that is because of the pushpins which are kind of pink making the background look pink?!