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    Redownload CS5?


      I bought Photoshop Cs5 Extended at Best Buy a few years ago, and installed it on my Windows Xp 32 bit. It was on a CD. I seemed to have misplaced the CD and can't find it. I need it to uninstall and reinstall due to a problem that I can't fix. I have the list of products in my products page, and I have it registered along with the serial. Is there anyway I can redownload it legally without paying so much?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          You won't get any more help by starting a new thread.  There is every chance that your problem is nothing to do with Photoshop, and that the virus that messed up your system, has removed or corrupted system files that Photoshop uses.  The more you tell us, the more convinced I am that you need to do a clean reinstall of Windows.  If CS5 was registered, then Support will give you a new linces number, but I imagine you are not able to deactivate your current problem installation.


          So you have logge in to your Adobe account, and looked at your Orders history?  And there is no download link?

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            KittyCatGirl135 Level 1

            Sorry. I am new to the forums. I am clicking on my order history and nothing is showing up.