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    why is flash cc broken



      I really really really need you guys to fix flash. It is my major tool at work. We have upgraded to cloud and I can no longer do my job.

      For example.

      I can no longer free hand draw!!!!! pencil and brush are useless as a creative tool. I cant even draw a circle! Dont beleive me, try drawing your best happy face freehand and you'll see what I mean. (and yes, everything is on default and I have a great, fast computer that can handle anyhing). Do it on a cintiq not with your mouse... artists use a cintiq.


      Also I cannot backsave ANYTHING to an older version. So I'm stuck in Flash CC files and can not even open them in an older version to escape these problems.


      Also Also...I cannot export ANY vector art images so I can recreate my work in older files. I dont want some dodgy third party plug-in that cant handle what I need to do that flash USED to be able to do.



      Your job today

      Fix the drawing tools so what you draw happens on screen, like it used to.

      Enable backsaving so you dont have to fix everything else.

      Include an export vector option.

      and for pete's sake (thats me) please remove the stupid menu option that comes up when I hold the pen to the canvas. This stops me from drawing altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      PLEASE take notice of this. send it to every part of the office, make it your highest priority.