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    Recording ignores child window in both automatic and manual modes

    isambard-sydney Level 1

      Attempting to capture a process from an internally developed Windows application.  The application functions mainly in a child window opened from a parent "frame" window.


      Issue is I don't get anything appearing/recording for the child window.


      > recording = automatic, target = application, I only see the parent frame and none of the actions in the child are captured

      > recording = manual, target = application, I only see the parent frame.  I get a separate captivate step for each manual step recorded in the child window, but the child window is never in visble so just looking at a blank and unchanged parent frame all the time.

      > recording = manual, target = screen area, bizarrely same as target=application.  ie even just capturing a screenshot ignores the child window and shows onily the underlying parent frame.


      Originally I thought the issue was over how the application was coded.  In that when captivate was set to capture the application for some reason the child window was not registered as part of that application, hence was ignored.  But that does not explain why it does the same even if I choose to capture a screen area.


      And to complicate it further, on one of the captures (automatic I think), it DID capture the child window.  But only the first 3 keypresses.  Thereafter nothing was recorded and it "jumped" to the end when the child window was closed.


      Anybody experienced something similar?  Any suggestions on what to try/test? 


      Machine is running WIndows XP.  Using Captivate7, freshly downloaded today.