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    Shape Builder tool


      Hey all!


      I am working on a logo that has an anchor in it. I drew the anchor myself using the pen tool, straight line tool, and eliptical tool. It appears that everything is smoothly connected and I have rounded out the corners of my anchor, and also put a round cap on my adjoining lines.


      I then highlighted the whole anchor and pressed cmd+J (I am working on a Mac) to join all the edges in an attempt to make the anchor one whole shape, which I intend to fill one solid color.


      However, when I use the shape builder tool, Illustrator does not recognize my anchor as one solid shape. When you hover your mouse over a solid shape, the Shape Builder tool has a dotted pattern inside your shape. This is not happening in my anchor. I painstakingly went over each "joint" and made sure that they were connected, with no avail.


      There has to be something I am missing here.. Anyone have any suggestions? They are much appreciated!

      Thanks in advance.