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    Migrating from one computer to another - adobe premiere help! - Media pending - R3d Files.


      I started out editing a film shot on the RED Scarlet. I was originally on a 2008 imac, and converted to the 2009 mac pro. All my footage and saved premiere files are on my 3tb external hardrive. When I try to open the premiere file of my film on my macpro, all of the files say media pending, and the screen is yellow. I cannot open any projects originally created on my old imac. And knowledge about transferring from one computer to another for adobe premiere would be greatly appreciated. I am a FCP7 user who merged to Adobe, so still trying to figure this out.


      So basically, I want to continue, what I was once editing on my Imac, editing my film on my macpro, but unlike final cut, adobe premiere is not recognizing where the files are, I assume?!? And I am unable to edit.