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    McAffee installation should not be in default, do you agree?


      My suggestionn is not having it checked by default, since many users could accept it without knowing (by not observing the checked box, while trying a fast installation). And as many have another antivirus installed already, having both will be a mess.

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          Mike M Level 6

          You're preaching to the choir... you should try reading ticked off posts on here about it all day.  Truth be told, Adobe is making way too much from McAfee and Google to ever remove the bundled software or "uncheck" the download by default. I've told people for years and years... to read EVERYTHING before they just click stuff.


          My dad (may he rest in peace) gave me plenty of work fixing his PC in his last years because he treated anything that gave him a "link" cursor like a Christmas gift. He'd click a link that promised to instantly explode his house around him if that "little pointer finger" appeared when he hovered over it.


          I've also been "round and round" with people here who've... had the time to create an account, log in, find the correct forum... and then type a "pages long" dissertation on how they "don't have the time" to uncheck a box... and then they'll spend DAYS here arguing that they were "tricked into something" they could have avoided with a quarter second of time to uncheck a box... if they'd only taken a moment to look at it first.


          I've also seen Flash Player updates that "blindly" download and uninstall McAfee with no "opt out". Those have been docmuented and reported and will likely "fall on deaf ears". The almighty dollar rules in this game, and unless people show that they are willing ot couhg up $10 or more for every update, multiple times a year... the bundled downloads aren't going away anytime soon.