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    Why are Adobe 'selling' McAffee?


      Every time I get am adobe flash player update there is a default to instal some shite or other from McAffee.

      When I buy a new pc or laptop I even check if there is any pre-installed McAffee or Norton software, and even if it is 'free' I won't buy the hardware unless the software is removed because, in my experience, both McAffee and Norton Antivirus software is complete and utter shite. They both take complete control of your computer, refuse access, constantly block other installed software, and the only time they ever discover any 'virus' is days before the licence is due to expire so you are conveniently scared into renewing your licence.


      Adobe you are bringing yourselves down by associating yourself with these cowboy companies.

      The fact that the default is to instal the software is immoral and, most probably, illegal in all civilized countries.


      PLEASE stop

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          Mike M Level 6

          You need to be aware that this is a user to user forum and there is NO ONE from Adobe who makes marketing or corporate level decisions that posts in or reads these forums.
          There are plenty of people here who share your sentiments toward McAfee, but the simple fact is: Whether you belive it or not, whether you like it or not, whether Adobe really needs to or not... they offset their development and distribution costs by "bundling" software with their "free" downloads, and that won't change until or unless everyone on earth who uses Reader or Flash Player, or Shockwave for Flash... agrees to gough up $10 or more every time a new update comes out, and that's less likely to happen than Adobe stopping the bundling.