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    HTML+CSS Issue


      Hi there,



      I am not sure if my question can be answered here, but here's what's happening:


      I have a blog on my page that's hosted by Zenfolio, and they don't support this, yet its their interface doing this and not me. Whenever I insert a new image, and click next to it and then "enter" to make a new paragraph below for text or another image it is adding unwanted paragraphs! In the photo below there should be one paragraph and not 8.

      I used to have this happen to me in Dreamweaver rarely, but I was able to go in HTML view and simply delete the extra paragraphs without altering the rest of the layout. If I go in HTML view in that interface it will not just delete those paragraphs, but would mangle up everything....see the other screen shot: It is moving the text around the image which is not what I want.


      html.css paragraph issue.jpg

      Region capture 9.png


      This interface I am typing now is very similar with the one from Zenfolio, here too I inserted these photos, and had to click next to them + enter to go down to the next paragraph, and when I looked at the HTML there was only one paragraph spacing between the images as it should be; so the question is why is it doing this and how do I stop it!? I rather not use tables. (Which was their suggestion, and which has also a spacing problem; I set the height of the cell to 22 for example and when previewing the post its at least 60).

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          @agp 1000 : From the screenshot I see that there is a float:left applied on the image .

          This will cause the next element which is text to start immediately to the left of the image .


          So as a simple solution you can add clear:left on the <p> tags , so that the text will start from the next line and not move around the image as in the screenshot.

          Do post the entire code if this does not help you .

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            I don't have that option...this is what I have there: They don't allow many options apparently on the posts; I can't change the margin either, and its set to like 45 or something...really far from the side of the page. I can customize the CSS for the rest of the page, but not the blog part. I have an issue with the text size too because it makes it 1.36% larger by default, and whenever I change that it won't remember it as I continue on the same line. I set the size at 12, and after I put a period, and continue on the same line it blows the text again at 16.

            Region capture 9.png

            I emailed them about it...that interface also doesn't correct spellings; it underlines them but not offers the correction, it offers me to paste from word...which is very annoying.


            Thank you,

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              I would suggest that you edit the Code by typing it in