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    Brush contrast problem


      Hi there


      Quick question: If I am creating a black line drawing with a brush, how can I ensure that I will be able to alter the contrast later on? Sometimes it seems to work, other times not at all (i.e. if I open the histogram, it shows just one line all the way to the left; the lack of colour suddenly becomes an issue).


      I like to use a soft, slightly opaque brush at first - which with the tablet gives it a nice range of pressure, but then usually I need to up the contrast at a later point.


      I'm using PS CS6. Hopefully the answer is smack-my-forehead simple.

      Thanks so much!

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If your histogram is black only then your brushg was fileld with black only. SOunds liek you are working on a cmyk ro rgnb document, adn wanting to use the default color of black 75c 68m 67y 90k. I really do not see why Adobe chose that for the default black. You may want to try 100k 60c 40m 40y also for a rich black line.

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            incubo1 Level 1

            Hi Mike


            Thanks so much for your reply, I never would have come up with such an idea on my own. Interesting aspect of Photoshop!


            Unfortunately it doesn't seem to solve the problem - it merely shifts the single 'bar' further to the right along the histogram and the line's contrast can still not be altered.


            Any other ideas would be hugely appreciated!