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    Background Image/Video - Full Scale & Centered

    fullakingi Level 1

      Trying to figure out how make a centered background scaled image/video in Edge Animate.  Can't code, so I'm trying to use the properties panels but I'm getting a bit confused. Want to


      1. Have the image centered in the middle of the stage

      2. Have it scale to fill the screen always so there are no black bars (ie, I want a stage with only picture on it)



      (This project is only aimed for iPad and above - desktop, so don't need mobile resolutions)


      My work around is to do this via manual CSS, but there has to be a better way to keep it within the Edge compositiion


      I also tried to import this Edge stage into Reflow after seeing this demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK2lhP7oyFQ


      but just got blank screens : http://whakarongo.com/stage2/index_preview.html

      (I do like Reflow's ability to target specific resolutions but I don't quite need it for this project)


      If anyone has done this or is code savvy, would appreciate your kind assistance.