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    Tabbar not visible with SplitViewNavigator

    archemedia Level 4



      I have a tabbedViewNavigatorApplication with this simplified structure:



                          <s:State name="login"/>

                          <s:State name="active"/>



      <s:ViewNavigator id="loginNavigator" firstView="views.LoginView" includeIn="login"/>


      <s:SplitViewNavigator id="spiltNavigator" includeIn="active" autoHideFirstViewNavigator="true">

           <s:ViewNavigator firstView="views.AgendaListView"/>

           <s:ViewNavigator firstView="views.AgendaView">


                                                        <s:Button id="agendaListButton"/>





      <s:ViewNavigator id="someNavigator" firstView="views.PersonenView" includeIn="active"/>



      In loginNavigator, I have set tabbarVisible to false so that no tabbar is shown when logging in.


      After succesfull login:

      currentState = "active";


      The splitViewNavigator (which is the first afte loginNavigator) becomes visible.

      The tabbar however is NOT SHOWN!


      When I switch 'splitNavigator' and 'someNavigator', the tabbars is visible again.


      So, only when the splitNavigator is the first one, the tabbar is invisible, whatever I try!


      Does anyone have an idea of what's going wrong?