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    design view is significantly different from output in Robohelp 10

    Yehoshua Paul

      This may be normal for Robohelp 10. I am not sure.

      I am applying a new CSS to my company's help project as part of a major update to the design. The CSS includes table styles, and list styles - something that was signficantly lacking from the previous design.

      I have noticed that there are significant differences between what I see in the design view and what I see in the output, and this causes a lot of confusion.

      When applying the bullet style, in the design view I see a numbered list. However, the output displays bullets as I specified.

      When applying a table style, the table looks unformatted until I view it in preview mode or generate the project.

      My roman numeral list style appears as decimals in design view, but looks fine in the output.


      This is very confusing to work with, and initially led me t make many manual changes before I realized that what I am seeing in the design editor is completely misleading.

      Any suggestions are welcome.