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    throttle-outbound limit being hit

      I have a Flex app in which I send messages over an RTMP channel from Java to the client. I was becoming very frustrated with a problem. It seemed that some messages that I sent via MessageBroker in Java were not reaching the client. It turned out that if I increased max-frequency for outbound messages, my problem was solved. This seemed very unbelievable to me. I didn't think for a moment that the server was sending that many messages. I have one point where MessageBroker is used to send all messages. I counted the number going through per second, and it never reached the max, which was 500. Also, I only had one Flex client connected so there's no way it was an issue of the limit being hit due to multicasting.

      For now, I've increase the value to be a magnitude higher than before and all is working great.

      Has anyone had similar problems where the max-frquency value was being hit much sooner than they expected and couldn't account it via logging all outbound messages?