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    Edit location of the "My Digital Editions" folder?


      Is there any way to change the file path/directory location for the "MyDigital Editions" folder? I am required to put folders with my content files in a particular subfolder of "My Documents". I won't be able to use ePub docs if I can't change the folder location. Example: I need to change .../My Documents/My Digital Editions to .../My Documents/Required/My Digital Editions.

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          sjpt Level 4

          There's no way to do it from Digital Editions itself.

          You can do it by making directory junction (on PC, and I'm sure Mac has something similar).


          1. Move the directory and any files you already have from  .../My Documents/My Digital Editions to wherever you want them.
          2. Open a command prompt
          3. Navigate to .../My Documents.
          4. Type mklink /d "My Digital Editions" "wherever you put the directory"


          The new directory does not even need to be on the same drive.



          If your .epub books are not DRM, just use the free and superior Calibre instead.