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    InDesign CC crashes upon opening 2010 & 2011 files.

    kylenorthway Level 1

      Every InDesign document that was created from January 27th, 2010 to December 21, 2011 caused InDesign CC to crash 100% of the time—tested it on two production computers with the same results.


      Every document that was created after January 1, 2012 opened fine 100% of the time.


      I can also open documents created earlier than 2010.


      After a crash I need to open InDesign again,

      • it crashes again because it is trying to recover the older pre 2012 file.
      • Open InDesign again and said no to recovery alert.


      Again, this is 100% after opening ten files from each date span.


      Our computers are MacBook Pros Retnia 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 and are maintained by a Apple-certified in OS X, OS X Server and iOS technologies and is an 11-year member of the Apple Consultants Network. I cannot tell you about the network, but it is new.